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Empty Christmas boxes could make you the target of a burglary

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By Elizabeth Eisele By Elizabeth Eisele

ST. LOUIS – A crime alert for News 4 viewers as crooks are looking to steal your Christmas gifts and it could all be because of the trash outside of your house.

St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jiminez warns residents to be careful of how they dispose of those boxes from Christmas, because those boxes are giving criminals clues to what you have inside your home.

“This guy had his garage door open,” Jiminez said, as he described how one of his officer’s prevented a big burglary, “had over $250,000 worth of tools in there. So that was just an easy way for a criminal to check out instead of a policeman.”

Jiminez said that scenario could have gone another way, especially during the holidays. Regularly, he sees open garage doors and trash disposals that have empty TV, computer or video game boxes dumped outside. And that could make you the next victim.

“Once they’ve seen those items on the street in the trash or outside,” Jiminez continued, “normally then that’s a target for them to say, ‘Hey, I remember this house.’”

Jiminez said his department is already stepping up patrols to combat the expected spike in home burglaries.

“Unfortunately, criminals don’t take off holidays,” Jiminez added, “They don’t take a vacation, so they know people are spending a lot of money.”

The chief advises residents to break down boxes and out them in the trash so no one can see what was inside of them. 

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