Surveillance footage captures man damaging cars at Normandy deal -

Surveillance footage captures man damaging cars at Normandy dealership

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( – Police said one person is responsible for damaging 25 cars at Lesco Automotive on Christmas Day.

Surveillance video shows the man on the dealership’s lot close to 4:30 p.m., around the time he decided to use rocks to shatter windows.

“He come into the lot and he just started vandalizing the cars and stuff. Breaking windows and he wasn’t trying to steal anything, he was just destroying property,” said Lesco employee AJ Wells. “I hope the cops find him before I do because this is taking food off my plate. This is taking stuff away from my children, this takes money out of my livelihood.”

Wells said tax season is the best time of year for the dealership. The dealership said so many cars are sold in February that it often pays bills for the rest of the year. The dealership has estimated it will cost around $13,000 to repair the cars.

“This pushed us way back, we were hoping for a good tax season and maybe bounce back a little bit, but now we’re starting off in the red,” Wells said.

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