Truck stolen from Dave Sinclair Ford on Christmas -

Truck stolen from Dave Sinclair Ford on Christmas

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

ST. LOUIS ( – Police are searching for a group of thieves after a truck was stolen and several vehicles were damaged at Dave Sinclair Ford on Christmas Day.

"They were bold. They were here for at least 10-15 minutes trying to get that vehicle out of here. To me that's pretty dang bold," said James Sinclair, general manager at Dave Sinclair Ford.

Early Thursday morning, the thieves broke into the service lot behind the dealership. They first tried to ram two electric security gates, but were unable to break through them.

"You can see in the video, they smashed the you-know-what out of the back of that truck and the other side, but [the gates] worked because they didn't get out," Sinclair said.

After they were unable to get out through the security gates, the video shows the alleged thieves breaking out through large doors of a service garage.

"I would have never thought that those doors as big as they are would have crumbled like they did," said Sinclair.

While the thieves only got away with the one truck, which belonged to a customer, they damaged five other cars on the dealership's lot in the process.

"So that wasn't a good call on Christmas morning," Sinclair said. "To say 'Merry Christmas, by the way I got some bad news for you.'"

Crews began replacing the service garage doors and other repairs will need to be done.

Police are searching for the alleged criminals.

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