Berkeley QT looted after officer-involved shooting -

Berkeley QT looted after officer-involved shooting

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By Stephanie Baumer By Stephanie Baumer

BERKELEY, Mo. (KMOV)--Shortly after Tuesday's officer-involved shooting a nearby QuikTrip was looted and vandalized. 

The QuikTrip is located directly across the street from the Mobil station where Monday's shooting occurred. 

Video shows three people kicking in the front door of the QuikTrip and at least eight people running inside after the glass from the door shatters. A short time later some of those people can be seen exiting the store. Video also shows multiple cars ion the parking lot. 

QuikTrip spokesperson Mike Thornbrugh says the damage is minimal and that no one was hurt. A Ferguson area QuikTrip was looted and vandalized shortly after the officer involved shooting of Mike Brown and it seems as thought the chain has become a target, although Thornbrugh doesn't believe it has. 

"I wouldn't use the word targeted," says Thornbrugh. "Unfortunately, we happen to be in an area where two tragedies occurred and none of those happen on QuikTrip property. We just happen to be close by." 

While QuikTrip says they have repaired the damage and could reopen, they will remain closed Wednesday as a precaution and continue to monitor the situation. 


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