Sex offender who won $3 million in lottery sued by victims -

Sex offender who won $3 million in lottery sued by victims

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

 (CNN) — A convicted sexual predator who became a lottery millionaire is now facing a lawsuit. Timothy Poole’s victims are being represented by a high-profile law firm, and they say he needs to pay up.

Poole has been slapped with the lawsuit just weeks after winning a $3 million lottery jackpot in Florida.

The plaintiffs are Poole’s victims — two men who say they were molested by Poole in 1996 when they were five and nine.

“Twenty years ago, why would you ever pursue it because odds are he’s never going to have any money,” legal analyst Eric Dubois said.

Now, all thanks to a scratch-off ticket, Poole has plenty of money. Dubois says the complaint has the grounds to move forward.

“He hits the lottery — wins $3 million, so they figure ‘hey, we can finally recover and help compensate us for some of the emotional, mental abuse,'” Dubois said.

Damages listed in the suit include: suffering from physical pain, post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depression.

The complaint says “treatment will continue throughout the rest of their lives.”

The victims’ attorney has moved to freeze Poole’s jackpot, knowing that just as quickly as he won the money, it could be spent.

“If we don’t freeze it now, he’s going to spend it. He’s already fled the state once when he was arrested in New York. He’s a flight risk. He’s got $3 million. He can essentially buy his ticket to any place in the world,” Dubois said.

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