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Woman robbed as she puts groceries into car in Collinsville

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(KMOV.com) – Authorities said they are searching for a suspect who robbed a woman as she placed groceries into her car on the parking lot of an Aldi’s store in Collinsville.

The woman was robbed Sunday night around 7:30 p.m. Police believe the robbery was calculated. The man who committed the robbery snatched her purse out of the woman’s car and before a getaway car swung out from behind a building, allowing the suspect and an accomplice to escape.

“There’s never been problems here before and hopefully there won’t be anymore,” said Jim Parker, who frequents the Aldi’s in Collinsville.

Police believe the two suspects waited in an older model white Dodge truck and then identified the woman as a potential victim when she walked out of the store.

“They took their time, watched, and waited for the right opportunity. This was a crime of opportunity,” said Det. Mark Kuechle with Collinsville Police. “The vehicle drove off the opposite direction with its headlights off and we believe it looped back around behind the store and picked the suspect up.”

Police said the victim was not hurt, but her purse and its contents have not been recovered. Anyone with information is asked to call Collinsville police or CrimeStoppers.

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