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Woman whose home was shot up frustrated by miscommunication with police

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(KMOV.com) – A north St. Louis woman who had her home shot up said it took three hours for her to connect with police.

Yolanda Hughes woke up at 4:45 a.m. Saturday to sound of gunshots because at least six shots had been fired into her home. Hughes lives on a home on Thekla near Union.

“When I called police it was like ‘Okay is anybody hurt?’ I said that nobody was hurt, but that I did have big bullet holes in my ceiling and it just the fact. ‘Are they coming back, who is it?” said Hughes.

Hughes then waited for officers to arrive, and she called police back numerous times

“When she thought that we weren’t coming and she wasn’t getting the service that she deserved. Then I understood that she felt the way she did but she didn’t know that we were trying to call her and she had a block on her phone,” said Major Ronnie Robinson with St. Louis police.

Police called Hughes to get more information, but were doing so from an unknown number. Hughes had an app that blocked calls that appear to be spam. Robinson said officers did not follow up again in person because nobody was injured in shooting.

“I’m really scared to go to sleep, I’m really scared to be here. What if they come back? What if it just so happens that I’m walking out my door and they’re looking for someone else and I get hit by a bullet?” said Hughes.

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