Mother says baby who could hardly breathe was turned away from u -

Mother says baby who could hardly breathe was turned away from urgent care clinic

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

( – A mother said she and her baby were turned away from a Mercy Urgent Care Clinic in Festus even though the baby could hardly breathe.

Jackie Irwin’s 16-month-old son David was suffering from pneumonia, the flu, an ear infection, and was having a seizure when she was visiting a friend in Festus. Irwin and her friend elected to take him to a Mercy Urgent Care clinic located a few blocks away.

“He was struggling to breathe. He has asthma so I thought he was having an asthma attack,” Irwin said.

When they arrived, they realized the clinic had just closed so they decided to call 911. Irwin’s friend was so worried that she kept pounding on the door until a doctor answered and told her the clinic was closed.

“The doctor finally rolled his eyes and said ‘whatever, well you can come inside,” Irwin said. “He did not provide care because the ambulance pulled up.”

Irwin and her family were so upset that they posted their story on Facebook and called Mercy Hospital.

“To be turned away, a loved one or a child, it’s basically like saying their life is not important,” Irwin said.

Mercy issued a statement to News 4 saying;

“This is a private patient matter that has been addressed with the parties involved.”

Irwin said she spoke to someone from Mercy who said they examined what happened and plan to change their policy for situations such as Irwin’s. The person from the hospital said it will detail those changes in a letter to Irwin.

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