Good Samaritan walks up to strangers in lobby, offers to pay ele -

Good Samaritan walks up to strangers in lobby, offers to pay electric bills

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 JONESBORO, GA (CBS46) - Now that the winter cold is settling in, a Jonesboro man is trying to keep struggling families from losing their electricity.

CBS46 tracked down the good Samaritan who approaches strangers in the power company lobby and offers to pay their bills.

At Georgia Power in Jonesboro, the man, known only as Steve, was handing out money to anyone who wanted it.

Georgia Power representative Travis Bell said he's glad to see Steve when he stops in.

"You've got to love it. It's the spirit of generosity; it's contagious," Bell said.

It's such an unexpected offer, sometimes people don't know how to react.

"I've had a couple of people who are so shocked - they think I'm trying to scam them - so they look over at the police officer who is sitting there. He nods his head and smiles and tells them 'it's OK.' Then I've had a couple of people who still don't want to do it," Steve said.

Steve prefers giving to people in person rather than donating to a charity because he knows for a fact where the money is going.

His acts of kindness are in memory of his wife, Lou, who died from a terminal illness right before Christmas last year.

He saved money to buy her presents, and with no one to spend it on, he knew she would have wanted him to give it away.

"She's a great person, we had a lot of fun together. I was in the Army, so we traveled together. We got married when I was a lieutenant, and we moved 22 times in 27 years, so we did a lot of moving," Steve said.

He and his wife spent 11 years stationed in Saudi Arabia. Steve said the desert climate suited them both well.

"She hated the cold as much as I did. If you can help people stay warm, that seems like a good thing, and I think she would appreciate that," he said.

Steve said his wife was known for her giving spirit, and that's why this was the perfect way to remember her.

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