Residents just southeast of Forest Park concerned about recent h -

Residents just southeast of Forest Park concerned about recent home break-ins

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ST. LOUIS ( - Are crooks creeping through your home without you knowing? It's a thought that could make anyone panic but it's a reality for many folks after a rash of home break-ins near The Grove.

Earlier this week, three homes in the Forest Park South East neighborhood were burglarized within a 48 hour period.

Surveillance video shows one of the break -in and while no one is currently custody. Police said they are investigating to see if these three crimes were all committed by the same person.

The surveillance video is from around 11:30 p.m. Monday. It shows the suspect cross the street and go into the victim’s home.

“As soon as we leave he crosses the street and climbs in the window. To think someone is outside your apartment, sneaking and looking for an opportunity for someone to leave,” Michael Rodgers, one of the victims.

All three of the break-ins happened while the homeowners were gone. The burglaries at the 4500 block of Gibson and 4300 block of Arco both happened late in the evening. At both of those locations the suspect stole a tablet.

“He didn’t take much but he rifled through all my things. It was pretty disturbing,” said Rodgers.

The third break in on 4400 block of Vista happened in the afternoon, the suspect forcing in the back door and taking jars of change from the home.

“I’m kind of shocked, there’s never any crime here, I’ve lived here two years and this is the first time anything’s happened,” Rodgers said.

According to statistics from St. Louis Police, burglaries in Forest Park Southeast are down 45 percent compared to last year. However, that’s little comfort to Rodgers and his neighbors who want the crooks caught.

“Keep a look out and make sure everything is locked up.”

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