Alleged drunk driver hits Festus home, misses family inside -

Alleged drunk driver hits Festus home, misses family inside

FESTUS, Mo. (KMOV) – Police say a drunk driver crashed into a Festus home, just barely missing the family inside.

It happened Monday around 6:00 pm according to Festus Police Chief Tim Lewis. Ryan Hartman was standing in his driveway when it happened.

“When the car came drifting through here, it was going sideways. I didn’t see it and my girl was telling me, 'you’re more lucky than what you think,'” said Hartman.

The Ford F-150 missed him by just feet. His younger brother was inside the home.

“He was in the hallway and when the truck hit the front door he actually fell from the house shaking,” he said.

Chief Lewis said the suspect, a 49-year-old Festus man, was arrested and released pending charges. They are seeking charges of persistent offender drinking while intoxicated, and not having insurance.

As of Wednesday night, the home has been labeled uninhabitable by the city because of structural issues. However, Hartman says it could have been worse.

“The fact that it hit and bounced back and didn’t go through was amazing,” he noted.

Hartman and his family are hoping to be back inside their home in time for Christmas and say they’re simply thankful no one, including the driver, was injured.

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