Crack cocaine use on the rise in the Metro East -

Crack cocaine use on the rise in the Metro East

ST. LOUIS ( – The legalization of marijuana in Illinois has made it harder for drug dealers to make money, which is why many have turned to stronger drugs like heroin, meth and crack cocaine.

Illinois State Police say the use of crack cocaine is on the rise in the Metro East. Derek Wise, a Narcotics Lieutenant, told News 4 crack cocaine is more prevalent than heroin and meth in the St. Louis Metro Area because of its low cost, accessibility and how easy it is to make.  

The demand is so large that drug dealers take advantage of the high sales volume to make a profit, according to Wise.

“When you have such a demand driven habit based product, it’s hard to keep control over it because as long as people want it, they’re going to keep trying to send it because there’s so much money involved with it,” Wise said. 

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