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Florida teacher brings fake gun to class

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By Daniel Greenwald By Daniel Greenwald

(KMOV.com) -- A teacher in Florida is facing criticism after bringing a fake gun into her classroom.

The 8th grade social studies teacher brought a replica musket into her class as part of a lesson on the American Revolutionary War.

Administrators were alerted after several students told their parents about the lesson.

While some parents say there are safety concerns, others believe the teacher's lesson was harmless.

"I think she took it too far in today's times, any other time I would say no," said Donna Smith, a parent. "Personally, whenever I was a kid that would've been acceptable. Why is it that nowadays that everything is just so taboo?"

The district prohibits students and teachers from bringing look-a-like weapons to school. For now, the teacher is being reassigned, but could face other punishment.

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