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High-ranking Pine Lawn officer fights back against allegations that led to firing

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(KMOV.com) - A former Pine Lawn officer wants to clear his name.

Former Lieutenant Steven Blakeney is accused of taking two women to his house and paying another officer overtime to take them home.

Pine Lawn City Manager Brian Krueger did not want to speak on camera but gave News 4 a set of city documents including statements from the women, and the officer who alleges he was paid overtime to pick two women up from Steven Blakeney’s residence and take them home.

The women said they met Blakeney at a bar in St. Charles. One of the women knew him. They sat down and he bought them two rounds of drinks. They both allege they eventually blacked out and woke up at Blakeney’s home.

The city alleges he paid an officer overtime to drive them home in the morning.

“It’s just not true,” said attorney Michael Brunton, who represents Blakeney.

Brunton said it is not fair that personnel documents related to his client has been released to media.

In a statement released by Krueger, the city said “due to the misinformation circulated relating to the reason for Lt. Steven Blakeney’s termination the city is compelled to explain its position.”

“It’s not Mr. Blakeney who is doing this. I think it is news from other sources. Mr. Blakeney is not responsible for this, the fact that the city manager is presenting this stuff about a personnel matter will result in defamation suit against him,” said Brunton.

Brunton also said Blakney has been harassed by the city since September.

“In Sept, 2014 the mayor was indicted and it was found out Lt Blakeney was cooperating with the FBI in the investigation, ever since then the city of Pine Lawn has retaliated against him,” Brunton said.

 Also in the statement released by the city, Krueger highlights “The claim that Blakeney’s termination was somehow retaliation for his alleged participation as a witness against the mayor is without basis in truth.”

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