Two employees robbed outside north St. Louis retirement home -

Two employees robbed outside north St. Louis retirement home

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( – Two employees of a retirement center located near Grand Center were robbed as they left work.

Michael Howard said he and another employee were getting into his car at the Grand Manor Retirement and Rehab Center when two men suddenly approached from behind.

“The guy said give that pocketbook, and I said ‘we don’t have anything,” Howard said. “The one guy was standing in the doorway demanding money, the other guy was standing here with the pistol right here.”

The suspects got away with what they demanded. Howard feels tighter security is needed on the property.

“When you change shifts, have somebody out on the lot,” Howard said.

Lead administrator Sharon Miller said there are several security cameras on the property, including one that monitors the area where the robbery happened. However, it was so far away that it did not deter the robbers.

 Miller also said there are security guards who walk employees to their cars. She said the effort to secure the grounds even more is ongoing.

“We don’t want anybody to feel like we’re ignoring them because we’re not or feel like we’re ignoring their safety because we’re not,” Miller said.

Authorities are still searching for the suspects.

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