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Tempers flare at third meeting of Ferguson Commission

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- The third meeting of the Ferguson Commission was met with outrage Monday evening at Saint Louis University.

Members of the Ferguson Commission were faced with the frustration of those who attended the meeting, which was the third within three weeks.

"Honestly, folks on this panel waited too long to get involved with this. You should have been going through this weeks ago," said an attendee.

The panel was formed by Governor Jay Nixon to address the racial tensions that impact the St. Louis area. Many meeting attendees were irritated that the commission did not seem to be providing new information.

"We are here because we want answers," a concerned resident told the panel. "We're not here to listen to you speak. We've heard all the statistics; we've been part of the statistics."

Commissioners changed the format of the gathering for the third meeting to avoid the loud outbursts that occurred in the first two meetings. Speakers were limited and the crowd was broken up into small groups.

After the tempers of meeting participants calmed, commissioners were able to gather some input on relevant issues, such as the operation of local courts.

"You might go to court and fight some type of violation and they might dismiss it, but they make you pay court costs. And sometimes the court costs are outrageous and it varies by municipality," said a contributor to the discussion.

Other discussion participants described the operations of local courts as greedy and corrupt.

The commission will convene again in a working group meeting Tuesday morning at the University of Missouri St. Louis (UMSL).


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