Many concerned about safety of Compton Ave bridge between Chout -

Many concerned about safety of Compton Ave bridge between Chouteau, I-64

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( – Even though the Compton Avenue bridge between Chouteau and I-64/40 appears to many to be dangerous, St. Louis officials insist the overpass is safe.

There are gaps in the pavement and exposed rebar where the sidewalk curb should be. St. Louis Streets Director Todd Waeltermann said the bridge looks bad, but claims it is safe.

In 2011, the city finished a $2 million project to repair the sub structure of the bridge. Officials said it will require another $6 million to replace the bridge deck. Most that money would come from the federal government, while the city would kick in $1.2 million.

A proposed bond issue to pay for infrastructure in the city is on hold at Board of Aldermen.

“Our first concern is public safety, if there was any real possibility of failure or anything like that we would shut it down. We would detour people around so this bridge is safe,” said Waeltermann.

Most bridges in St. Louis City are inspected every other year, but the Compton bridge is inspected more often. It passed its most recent inspection in early 2014. It is scheduled to be inspected again in Spring, 2015.

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