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Akin compares McCaskill to a dog in latest remarks

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By Kaitlin Riordan By Kaitlin Riordan

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) – Two weeks before the election, Congressman Todd Akin is taking some last minute jabs at his opponent Claire McCaskill.

In Akin’s latest statements, he compares McCaskill to a dog, implying that she goes to Washington D.C. to “fetch” political policies and ideas then dump them on Missourians.

“She goes to Washington, D.C. – It’s a little bit like one of those dogs, ‘fetch.’ She goes to Washington, D.C. and gets all of these taxes and red tape and bureaucracy and executive orders and agencies and brings all this stuff and dumps it on us in Missouri.”

Akin made the remarks at a fundraiser in Springfield, Missouri Saturday night. Former Arkansas Governor Mick Huckabee was also at the fundraiser. He’s been one of the few party leaders to support Akin since his comments about rape in August.

After the first Senate debate, Akin said McCaskill’s behavior was unladylike.

Akin is scheduled to be in St. Louis Monday. He will be making appearances at GOP watch parties in Chesterfield and St. Charles for Monday night’s debate.

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