Three teens attack elderly man, steal car -

Three teens attack elderly man, steal car

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BELLEVILLE, Ill. ( -- Police say an elderly man was attacked by three teens who stole his car Friday evening.

Police say the three teens, two girls ages 16, 19 and one 17-year-old boy, came to the victim's door on the 200 block of Hillwood Drive and asked him for a ride. The victim knew the 16-year-old girl so he agreed to give them a ride.

While giving the teens a ride, they attacked the victim, drug him out of his car, and stole the man's vehicle. 

"they hit me in the head everything and knocked me down on the ground," said victim Wilbur Mays. ""The girl got out with a knife and hit me and said give me all your money and went through my pockets took my money and keys to the car,l then took off."

East St. Louis Police found the man's car in the 2400 block of State Street in East St. Louis. All three of the teens were taken into custody as well as another 21-year-old female.

All four suspects face charges for armed robbery and aggravated vehicular hijacking.

The victim is said to be ok and was not transported to the hospital.


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