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Feldman: Cards let Giants keep hope alive

(BaseballStL) -- David Freese told me after the Cardinals game five loss to the Giants that he does not believe in series momentum.  He believes in in-game momentum, but nothing more.
According to him, once a game ends, nothing carries over from one day to another.  Especially if there's an off day in between.
That's a good thing for these Redbirds right now because the Giants are starting to believe they can pull off the unthinkable for the second straight series in a row.  Just last week, while the Cards were dominating headlines across the country for their game five come-from-behind miracle in Washington, the Giants were putting the finishing touches on their own type of history.
Down two games to none against the Reds, the Giants reeled off three straight wins to stun Cincinnati.
Considering this series was 3-1 in favor of the Cards...that's pretty much the same thing as being down 0-2 in a best-of-five, right?  One loss and you're done.  Need three straight wins to pull it off.
Well, after taking game five in St. Louis, 5-0, that's one down and two to go.  Whether you're like David Freese and don't believe in series momentum or you're the opposite it really doesn't matter.
What matters is San Francisco is starting to believe.  And a team that believes is quite a dangerous thing.
Wouldn't you be confident knowing you have a guy throwing game six (Ryan Vogelsong) who just dominated the Cards Monday night in game two out in San Francisco?  The Giants won 7-1 behind seven brilliant innings from Vogelsong.  He allowed just a single run on four hits that night.
Wouldn't you be confident knowing you have Matt Cain on track to go a possible game seven?  The same Matt Cain who had the 4th best ERA in the National League this season  - 2.79 - in addition to the second lowest WHIP - 1.04 - and sixth most wins - 16?
Yes, the Cards are lined up to have some guy named Chris Carpenter pitch game six and Kyle Lohse go game seven.  Any fan of this baseball team would like its chances of winning one.  But San Francisco is equally confident in its ability to win.
And a team that believes is a scary thing.  The Cardinals know this.  They've lived it for the last year.

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