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'Zombie Road' visitors risk spooky trespassing tickets

WILDWOOD, Mo. (KMOV.com) -- Every October, a little-known bike trail nicknamed "Zombie Road" becomes a hotspot for ghost hunters. But nighttime visitors to the path risk a summons from police.

The Rock Hollow bike trail in Wildwood is off-limits after dusk. Still, the Halloween season draws many to the trail, which snakes down to the Meramec River.

"Obviously this time of year it becomes a draw, brings people in for one reason or another, because of the history and the lore you find on the Internet and people come out," said Mayor Tim Woerther.

St. Louis County police write many trespassing tickets each October. During the height of the season, police may write several hundred tickets, each packing a potential fine of $1,000.

Woerther said he has considered organizing some kind of fundraiser involving the "haunted" trail.

"You know, we've talked about possibly doing something more formal and more organized, maybe even a fundraiser, we just haven't put those plans together and put it on paper," Woerther said. "Until then, when it's dusk it's still trespassing."

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