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Wonder what Alberts thinking?

(BaseballSTL) -- You have to wonder what Albert Pujols thinks about all this. There is nothing that motivates Pujols more than a chance to win a World Series. Except money, of course.

Instead of being right in the middle of another dramatic Cardinals postseason run, Pujols is forced to watch it play out on his TV set (probably a 100-inch LED).

I know I should get over this subject, but isn’t it kind of  fun to know that after he left St. Louis for Anaheim to find baseball heaven, he’s at home in October and the Cardinals are one win away from another World Series appearance? Yes, I agree. It is fun. I’ve seen a number of Pujols hating t-shirts and signs at Busch Stadium during this postseason.

We should try to stay classy, but in this case it seems all right to gloat a little bit. After all, he did get $250 million from the Angels. It’s pretty hard, no matter how you look frame it, to paint him as a victim.

The fact that the Cardinals have gotten this far without him doesn’t even seem that amazing. Allen Craig has stepped up in a big way to take Albert’s old spot at first base, and the free agent signing of Carlos Beltran replaced Pujols’ production in the line-up.

It kind of makes you wonder why the Cardinals ever even considered giving Pujols $200 million over ten years if it was that easy to replace him. You can bet all the guys in the Cardinals owner’s suites have been patting each other on the back, knowing the best contract they ever negotiated was the one that allowed Albert Pujols to get away.


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