Bochy: Cardinals have something going -

Bochy: Cardinals have something going

(BaseballStL) – If the Giants want to punch their ticket to the World Series, they are going to have to pull out some of the post-season magic that allowed them to beat the Reds three games in a row, on the road, in the NLDS. Giants skipper Bruce Bochy is not about to give up, but he knows the Cardinals are firing on all cylinders.

“They're a good club. They fight hard,” Bochy said after Game 4.

“ To do what they did last year, that was amazing. Win the World Series and you're a pitch away from losing a couple of times. And what they did in Washington. They keep fighting. And they're a balanced ballclub. It's a tough lineup to get through and good pitching,” he said.

With all of that said, even Bochy had to admit that beating the Cardinals will be difficult.

“They do have something going. There's no getting around that. What they did last year and what they've done this year. It's not over. We've been in this position. We know it's an uphill battle, but we've been here before.”

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