Adam Wainwright: Game 4 was special -

Adam Wainwright: Game 4 was special

(BaseballStL) – Adam Wainwright’s win in Game 4 of the NLCS was his first as a starting pitcher. Take a look at his post-game comments and it’s clear this win was special.

“As a starter we won the last two games I pitched. Tonight was my first win. But I feel like I've thrown some quality games, we always go up against another tough pitcher. Tonight it was special to get a big win against a very tough pitcher and a tough team.”

“A little part of me wanted to reprove it to myself that I could go out there and pitch great when we need me to. I knew I could. I was very confident in my ability and my stuff. I just needed to trust it and go out there and make pitches and tonight I was able to execute.”

“We had guys on two guys on base there in the 6th inning, and I come up to the mound and Buster Posey is up at bat. And Yadi looks at him and says, this is your game. And I felt so much confidence run through my veins. It was just a perfect time for that. And after that I knew I was going to get him out.”

“This season has gone so fast to me. I just can't believe where we are right now. I don't know, when I missed last year, you know, I just in the off season I was just like, can we please do that again next year? We have a good chance to do that this year. We have to go out and win a few more games. But we're putting ourselves in a good position and I'm so excited for that, to be back and contributing.”

“As a competitor I just wanted to be out there so bad last year when we were going through that great run and I couldn't do a thing about it. As painful as it was not to be able to help last year, I feel like I'm a major contributor this year and I'm having a lot of fun doing it.”

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