Mottes availability in Game 4 up in the air -

Mottes availability in Game 4 up in the air

(BaseballStL) – Jason Motte worked an efficient eighth and ninth innings on Wednesday night to close the door on the Giants in Game 3 of the NLCS.

After the game Cards manager Mike Matheny said Motte’s availability had yet to be determined.

“Being able to stay in the pitch count that he was and the durability that he's shown throughout his career, I anticipate that he'll be okay. But if not, then we'll shut him down, “he said.

How is that for a non-answer? It was the same story Thursday afternoon when Matheny was asked the same question. Our Brian Feldman says Matheny dodged the question and wasn’t about to tip his hand to give the Giants any ideas.

So it will be a game of wait and see what happens.

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