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Female linebacker inspires others as she proves herself

HOUSTON—Aminah Barrett is a good student who loves football. So she plays it with the boys.

“I like playing linebacker,” Aminah said. “I like to hit people and be aggressive.”

She’s not treated any different.

“Our kids go hard with her and that way she gets the full experience,” said Twin Creeks Middle School Coach Chris Brice of Spring ISD.

In the entire Houston area there are only seven girls playing football at their schools. There’s one middle school girl in Ft. Bend ISD and one in Aldine. But in the Spring Independent School District there are five girls playing for their schools, including one ninth grader playing in high school.

It’s simply by chance.

This isn’t Aminah’s first time walking onto a football field. The eighth grader has played since 4th grade.

It must run in the family. Her mom played in the Women’s Football League in Louisiana.

“I love her and I’m very proud of her, very proud of her,” said her mother, Mika Frizzell.

Aminah also plays offense. She’s a running back.

“When I saw her when we were getting our pads, I was like, ‘Oh, okay so this is different,’ “ said Twin Creeks quarterback Colton Mangum.

“When she came out and I saw her play I was like, ‘Okay, we got a good girl on our team,’ “ said wide receiver Brandon Peralta.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring for Aminah and other girls on the gridiron.

She hasn’t made up her mind how far she’ll try to take this, but to any girls out there who want to play, she has this advice.

“Never let anyone ever tell you that you can’t. If this is something that you want to do, you work hard. You put your mind to it. Never give up,” she said.

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