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Local dealership selling cars without titles

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV.com) -- A local car dealership is accused of skirting around the law. One woman learned that the hard way when she was stopped by police.  Fed up, she called Colombo for help.

“I said, how can you sell the car without having the title and the lien release and they said it’s no big deal,” said Renee Brenner.

But it is a very big deal in the state of Missouri. Brenner’s daughter Kimberly was thrilled when she received a 2007 Dodge caliber early last June.

“It was the best graduation gift, the best gift anyone could ask for.” Her elation lasted until she got pulled over by police.

“He pulled me over and walked up and asked me why I didn’t have plates on my car yet,” Kimberly said.

There are plates on the car, though they do say Royal Gate Dodge. There’s also a dealer plate in the window.

Brenner couldn’t get her own plates because she couldn’t get the title, even after four months of trying.

“Each month I’ve contacted them, trying to get, where’s the title, where’s the documents,” she said. All she kept hearing were excuses.

“‘We’re still working on it.’ Sometimes didn’t even give me a call back- which is really frustrating,” she said.

Under Missouri law a car can’t be sold without the title- no exceptions.

So how can Royal Gate tell Renee they do it all the time?

Owner Bob Kelly has refused News 4’s repeated requests for an interview. As for Renee, she’s had enough.

“I want to take the car back and at least get my deposit back is all I’m asking,” she said. “I’m done dealing with them.”

When we interviewed Brenner, it had been almost a month since anyone from Royal Gate had even called her.

We’re happy to report that just a few hours after we first called them, they were calling her.

Royal Gate has since bought the car back. Royal Gate’s attorney tells News 4 he is working to answer our questions as to how Royal Gate could sell cars without titles.

We’ll let you know what he finds out.



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