Man who had sex with teen in Hello Kitty room said he was unaware of her age -

Man who had sex with teen in Hello Kitty room said he was unaware of her age

HOUSTON—A 36-year-old man facing jail time for having sex with his 14-year-old neighbor said he never knew the young girl’s true age, according to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

Lenton Shavacus Williams was charged with sexual abuse of a child.

Investigators said Williams met the teen through her brother and the two of them became good friends. Williams said when he asked her age, she only replied “Why you want to know?”

Williams continued the friendship because he allegedly did not believe she was underage. The two were friends for at least a year, according to investigators. Williams said on September 15, the teen asked if she could come over. He said yes.

Williams snuck the teen into his mother’s house and they went into his niece’s bedroom, which was full of Hello Kitty decorations. The two began to hug and Williams told the teen he loved her. After that, they had sex in his niece’s bed, according to court documents.

When they were finished, the teen ran back across the street to her house after hearing her sister calling her name.

Investigators said Williams also bought the teen a flip phone and asked her to send nude pictures of herself, which she did.

The teen told her aunt all about her relationship with Williams and the news eventually got back to her mother.

The mother then called authorities.

During an interview, the teen told investigators she willingly had sex with Williams and never told him how old she really was.

Investigators felt there was enough evidence to file charges against Williams.

His bail was set at $30,000.

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