Beware of phone call scammers posing as pollsters -

Beware of phone call scammers posing as pollsters

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( -- People in our area are reporting fishy tactics from people who claim they're conducting a presidential preference poll.

News 4's promotions manager Jason Holloway took one of these calls a couple of weeks ago.

"They said they were calling on behalf of some company getting information for the presidential race. If I could answer a few poll questions, I could hang on after that to get a free cruise," said Holloway.

The questions were basic.

"Do you approve or disapprove of the job President Obama has done in office? Will you be voting for Mitt Romney? Stuff you'd expect from a polling call," said Holloway.

But, the St. Louis Better Business Bureau says the poll isn't legit.

"At the end of the survey they say, in order to get this cruise all you have to do is give us a credit credit so that we can pay the port fees and taxes," said the BBB's Chris Thetford.

"There is no cruise, you lose the money."

It certainly sounds ridiculous, but stranger things have happened.  Keep in mind that an actual ABC News/Washington Post poll came out on Monday showing that President Obama would be more likely to go bungee jumping and may make a better babysitter. 

As for the scam call, Holloway didn't stay on the line to learn more about the cruise.  

"To me, it sounded like the giveaway was way too good for the little bit of work I was asked to put in for it," said Holloway.

Other scammers are trying different tactics. The BBB says crooks are also calling people, offering to check voter eligibility status. The caller will ask for a social security number. Just hang up if you get one of those calls.

Still other crooks are calling people, pretending to solicit donations for campaigns. Thetford says if you want to donate, just contact the campaign directly to be sure you're talking to the actual campaign office.

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