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If the window opens, we can't miss it

COLUMBIA, Mo (Missouri Football App) -- So, what if we win? That's what embarrassing question being whispered in Columbia today. It's so improbable- with us so disappointing and Alabama so dominant- that it's almost always followed with a chuckle. 

We have no reason to even ask the question. The Tigers looked outclassed by Vanderbilt for Pete's sake. Starting on offense is a redshirt freshman center, a redshirt freshman quarterback and a true freshman left guard. Two receivers are as green as can be, and Mizzou has yet to show they can move the ball with their best offense. 

There is no reasonable expectation of even looking competitive much less winning. But what fans would we be if just waited for the anvil to drop? So what would it take?

Nothing short of a miracle. But miracles do happen, and they happen on days just like this. A team with nothing to lose hosts a team that's looking down the road. A corner slips in coverage, or a pass gets tipped to an open man, and all of a sudden a touchdown happens. A careless pass, or failure to protect the ball, and the underdog defense gets a little courage. 

All those millions of things that make up a football game that can go either way seem to start going one way, and then the crowd starts getting ideas. Before you know it, the upset train is running full steam. It's improbable, but it's not like upsets don't happen in college football. 

Missouri needs to want that fight, however. They can't approach the game with the intent to just 'survive.' They have to want the contact. The Tigers have to want nothing more than to sweat and bleed and smash heads. Without that mentality, the tiny little windows that open in every game close too quickly, or go unnoticed. 

So pour some drinks and put on the gold. It's going to be a long day one way or another. When that window opens, brief as it may be, get ready to dive in and hang on for dear life. It's that or duck and cover. 

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