Cardinals Nation erupts with tweets of joy -

Cardinals Nation erupts with tweets of joy

(BaseballStL) -- A sample of some of the tweets on Twitter following the Cardinals dramatic comeback win to clinch the NLDS and advance to the NLCS.

katie matheny ‏@katiematheny22
congratulations daddy!!!!(: soo exciting!!! #happyflight #12in12

Smoothie King STL ? ‏@SmoothieKingSTL
National fans are urged to call 800-RAN-GERS for consolation services. #12in12

Ross Learnard ‏@RLearn
After last year i thought i had seen it all, but gosh darn it they just keep proving me wrong! #12in12 #CardinalNation

Connor Cross ‏@Mr_C_Squared
I love how all the National fans were video taping for the last strike and instead video taped our comeback #12in12

SirGlovingtonAWilson ‏@SirGloveAWilson
Simply put: Never ever give up on the @Cardinals. your defending CHAMPIONS are still alive #12in12

Laura Schieber ‏@lauralovespie11
So good to be a Cards fan!! #12in12 #cardinalnation

Drew Novara ‏@DrewNovara

Keith Robinson ‏@Keith_Rob
How can you not be impressed with the job Mike Matheny has done? The mans only managing experience is his 13 year old son team! Wow! #12in12

Lakisha Jackson ‏@LakishaJackson
Being a Cardinals fan...... doesn't get any better than that #12in12

L.S. Murphy ‏@LSMurphy
I think I'm a little bit in love with Pete Kozma. # stlcards #12in12

Jayme Barnes ‏@jaymebarnes
Bet Albert is having second thoughts now #12in12 #CardinalNation

SoeBeck Song ‏@Soeberrific
RT @stlouis0: At the end of the world, all that's left will be cockroaches and the St. Louis Cardinals. #12in12 @stevelepore

Peter McGinley ‏@PeterMcGinley25
The good thing is that I'll wake up tomorrow and none of this will be a dream #12in12

Chad Carson ‏@Chadbrochad
God is great. Beer is good. Baseball is crazy. #12in12

Emily Meersand ‏@emilymeersand
I wonder if Albert is enjoying his money while the Cards are enjoying the playoffs! #12in12 #albertwho

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