Cardinals: Never say never -

Cardinals: Never say never

WASHINGTON (BaseballStL) -- No one can blame you if you thought the season was over for the Cardinals when the Nationals took a 6-0 lead in Game 5.  And then again after the Nationals padded on an insurance run off Cardinals closer Jason Motte in the eighth inning to make it a 7-5 game.

Depleted.  Down.  Sad.  No.  Not these guys.  Not the guys who shocked the world in 2011 only to create more postseason magic in 2012.

These guys live for the ninth inning.  If you don’t think so then take a look at the four runs the team scored on Friday or, better yet, look at the shocked faces of the Nationals faithful who just witnessed their team exit the playoffs in front of the largest crowd in their brief history.

These guys never wavered even after tossing up a walk-off home run the night before.  They are your worst nightmare if you are the opposition.

These guys live for October and while their fans may sip on pumpkin-flavored beer this time of season, these guys are bathing in a shower of champagne.  Victorious. 

Can they be stopped?  The only thing we know is that the magic lives on for at least another four games. 

Good luck to you, San Fran.  You will likely need it.

...because they just won’t go away.

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