Know your healthcare options: News 4 breaks it down -

Know your healthcare options: News 4 breaks it down

ST. LOUIS ( -- Open enrollment season for health care is right around the corner. News 4 has some pointers you may want to know before you choose health care coverage for you and your family. 

Open enrollment can be a tedious task for many people. This year, choosing your health care coverage could be a lot less stressful if you know a few things up front.

First, there are a few changes because of the 2010 health care law. For example, comparing health care plans should be a lot simpler.

Info packets will now include simple summaries of coverage costs, allowing you to not only compare your company’s plans but also your spouses’ plans and individual policies.

Women’s coverage is about to get better because of health care reform.

Insurers must fully cover some preventive health benefits like annual wellness visits and contraceptive services.

There are also more plans to choose from. Many employers will be offering more than the basic choice of individual or full family coverage.

New options will include “employee plus spouse” or “employee plus children.” But not everything is good.

Flexible spending account allowances are shrinking. You’ll be able to set aside $25,000 dollars, pre-tax, to cover health care costs.

That’s down from the current $5,000 limit.  

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