St. Charles restaurant owner says repair man jipped her out of $1,200 -

St. Charles restaurant owner says repair man jipped her out of $1,200

ST. CHARLES, Mo. (KMOV) -- A bar and grill owner in St. Charles is hot because her walk-in refrigerator won’t stay cool.


Pine Room Bar and Grill owner Bonnie Glanzner is forced to use a house-hold refrigerator in her restaurant because she says the man she hired to fix her commercial walk-in cooler didn’t get it right.

“I was desperate. So I called this gentleman in the morning and told him my story,” said Bonnie.

Fearing spoiling food at the restaurant and spoiling a special day for her niece who’d just kicked leukemia, Bonnie paid repairman Bill Mitchell over $1,200 to fix the fridge.

The problem is, after almost two weeks and several repairs, it still wasn’t working.

“When you have a 23-year-old niece with leukemia, that’s a hard thing to get through and I do mean that. He knew the situation. She was ringing the bell, finished with chemo. We were having a celebration. He took advantage of my weakness is what he did and I think that’s a crime,” Bonnie said.

And it wasn’t the first complaint News 4 has had about Mitchell.

In August, a Eureka woman called after paying Mitchell nearly $700 to fix her dryer, which he didn’t do.

News 4 confronted Mitchell and, to his credit, he paid back all the money.

Would he do the same this time?

“(The fridge) is not working because A, she had someone else come out and diagnose the problem, a friend and I don’t know if it was a friend or they just didn’t want to do business with her,” he said.

It became clear Mitchell feels he did everything he could in this case.

“I put dye in it on Saturday to find a leak. There’s other ways to find it, but the most efficient way is with dye,” he said.

But another repairman told Bonnie he saw no sign of any dye. And he pointed out other serious problems with Mitchell’s repair work.

But Mitchell’s defending his work.

“At this point I have an A-plus rating with the Better Business Bureau I plan on keeping,” he said.

But he may want to check again. The BBB has suspended Mitchell’s accreditation. There are two pending complaints not related to this story.

A BBB spokesperson says it appears Mitchell’s company is a reincarnation of Lesco Appliance Repair, which he used to co-own. Lesco had an F rating with the BBB.

Bonnie is disputing the transaction with Mitchell through her bank.


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