Vanity cell numbers: Useful or useless? -

Vanity cell numbers: Useful or useless?

HOUSTON – Wireless phone carrier Sprint this week introduced a new vanity phone number service it calls “StarStar Me.”

At a cost of $2.99/month, StarStar Me gives your existing Sprint phone number a new way to be reached. As an example, if your name is Ricardo, you can register the vanity number **RICARDO. (That’s assuming you register it before anyone else, since it appears to be first-come, first-served.)

It doesn’t replace your existing 10-digit phone number but instead offers a new way to dial it.

Sprint teamed up with Zoove to make this happen, but you have to be a Sprint customer to register the vanity number. The good news is, Sprint says calls from Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T cellular phone companies will be able to reach you. The bad news is, phone calls from landlines will go nowhere, which could lead to confusion.  In addition, if someone tries to text you using your StarStar number, it will also go nowhere.

Probably one of the coolest features about StarStar is its Android and soon-to-come iPhone apps. It allows you to manage how to handle the incoming calls – from blocking numbers to creating an auto-response text message that says “call you back later, I’m driving.”

Sprint says even more enhancements are on the way for the service.

What do you think? Cool or silly? Useful or useless?

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