St. Charles County emergency responders need new communication system -

St. Charles County emergency responders need new communication system

ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. (KMOV) -- There are dead spots in service for certain municipalities in St. Charles County, potentially leaving police officers, deputies and firefighters vulnerable in times of emergency.

St. Charles County officials are working on a county-wide solution to the problem. The goal is for emergency responders and public works departments in all municipalities to be able to communicate at all times. 

“It will all be one system so everyone communicates seamlessly without having to sort of utilize patches through dispatch centers,” said Jennifer George, who works with the St. Charles County Executive’s Office.

Funding for the project will come from an increase to the capital improvements sales tax, passed in St. Charles County in 2009. That will pay for 15 new towers.

The planning committee must also create a plan that meets the FCC’s requirement for a narrow band system by January 1, 2014.

The county has a contract with Motorola to identify sites for the new tires required to make the system work, according to Jennifer George with the county executive’s office. 

George says there is a long list of requirements for the towers, which will be on 15 different sites throughout the county. They will hold public meetings for residents to discuss and voice concerns about potential locations.

Officials say the new system should be up and running by 2014.


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