Roundtable: At this point, do you see Missouri playing in a bowl game? -

Roundtable: At this point, do you see Missouri playing in a bowl game?

Steve Savard / News 4 Sports Director

It’s possible for Mizzou to right the ship and get to 6-6 or even 7-5 but a record of 5-7 seems more likley at this point. The Tigers’ quarterback play is their biggest issue. James Franklin hasn’t been nearly as good as last season and his back up, Corbin Berkstresser, doesn’t look ready for prime time. I knew it would be a difficult transition to the SEC but I didn’t expect an 0-3 conference start. So no, right now I would say Mizzou seems likely to be sitting out this bowl season.

Brian Feldman / News 4

Well, that would require at least three more wins and the way Mizzou is playing right now it’s hard to envision that taking place.  With the injuries and inconsistencies across the board - particularly on offense where the Tigers rank 81st in the nation with 25.3 points per game - this just isn’t a very good team.  Life in the SEC, clearly, is tougher than they thought.  The players are bigger, stronger and faster than any other conference in America.  This is the closest thing college football has to the NFL where there are grown men on the field.  Mizzou’s got one more non conference game against a decent but certainly not great Syracuse team and one more favorable conference matchup (Kentucky).  To make a bowl game this year, the Tigers would have to hold serve on those two plus come through with a major upset against either Alabama, Florida, Tennessee or Texas A&M (the latter three being on the road).  Consider me skeptical.

Kyle Tons / Missouri Football App

It pains me to say it, but I do not think Mizzou will be in a bowl game at the end of its first-ever season as a member of the Southeastern Conference.  I think the loss to Vanderbilt ruins Mizzou’s chances of making a bowl game.  The minimum amount of wins to make a bowl game is 6 and I do not think Mizzou will get those 6 wins this season.  We sit at 3-3 but still have tough games remaining.  I think we lose to Alabama, Florida, Tennessee and Texas A&M, but beat Kentucky and Syracuse.  That would only put Mizzou at 5-7 in 2012, which is not good enough for a bowl game.  I think the first 6 games of 2012 has put Mizzou into perspective in terms of competing in the SEC.  I just don’t think the Tigers have what it take right now to compete for a bowl game in 2012.

Dan Greenwald / Missouri Football App

The Tigers will not be going bowling this year. If they fall to Alabama, Tennessee, and Florida (as everyone expects) the best they can finish is 6-6. A team must win 6 games to be bowl eligible, but most of the time a 6-6 record does not guarantee an invite to a bowl game. If the problems plaguing this team on the offensive line, special teams, and at quarterback continue to persist, the Tigers may have a tough time beating Kentucky, Syracuse, and Texas A&M. If that happens, a bowl game is out of the question.

Brendan Marks / Missouri Football App

If Mizzou wants to be playing in December this year, they’re going to have to win in the SEC on the road. That seems like a tough proposition at this point. I still think, even with their issues, the Tigers will beat Kentucky and Syracuse. That means they’ll have to take down Florida, Tennessee or Texas A&M on their home turfs to get to six wins and become bowl eligible. If the quarterback, offensive line and special teams play doesn’t vastly improve over the next month, it’s hard to imagine a postseason appearance for Missouri.


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