Cardinals dominate Nationals phenom -

Cardinals dominate Nationals phenom

WASHINGTON (BaseballStL) -- It isn’t a “clown question”, bro, but what is wrong with Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper?  Is it the shadows?  Or an illness?  Or inexperience?

It is likely all of the above, but there is no chance the 19-year-old outfielder can dodge the fact that he is 1-for-15 in the first three games of the National League Division Series.  His only hit came as a double in Game 2 when he also struck out four times (a total of six in the series).

Like the Nationals franchise, Harper has never been on this stage in his career so you can’t blame the youngster for possibly being antsy at the plate.

Thursday might be the day that Harper breaks out of this slump against Cardinals starter Kyle Lohse.  He is 3-for-6 against Lohse in his career.

As of Tuesday, Harper had been battling a high temperature from possibly having strep throat but he has not missed any practice or games because of it.

Most of the news regarding Harper this series has been about his eye black, hair color, and red-colored tinted contacts and, for the Cardinals sake, let’s hope it stays that way.

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