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Opinion: Cards get no respect as Nats become main attraction

WASHINGTON (BaseballStL) --  The East Coast bias is a terrible thing, but as we have been taught it is all about the ratings for TV networks.  So it comes as no surprise that the Nationals, who have never made the playoffs since moving to Washington, are getting all of the attention while the experienced Cardinals get a mention here-or-there.

(Stands on soapbox)

It was ridiculous that Game 3 was shown on MLB Network in the first place and it started at noon (St. Louis time) on a Wednesday.  The first four games of this series have all been scheduled to be afternoon games while the likes of the Yankees and Tigers get the primetime game slots.  It clearly doesn’t pay off to be the defending World Series champs.

So maybe the Cardinals would at least get some love during MLB Network’s pre-game show prior to Game 3 -- not a chance.  It was all about the Nationals, who brought playoff baseball back to D.C. for the first time since 1933.  There were no mentions about the Cardinals eleven World Series championships.  There was only the breakdown of the Nationals lineup.

It takes a lot to surprise me, but I would think the great storyline of this series would be the best team in baseball, Nationals, trying to top the defending champs, Cardinals.  Instead, I was left with confusion and thinking the main storyline was Wednesday’s starter Edwin Jackson and his slider.

The more I think about all of the focus being on everything else except the Cardinals, the more I am okay with it.  Let the opposition be bothered for interviews.  Let their focus be hampered about questions regarding the shade, the sun and the stars.  Let the Cardinals’ great run into the playoffs go unnoticed because it will be more of a surprise to the league if they knock the Nationals out of the playoffs.

After all, this is how it went last season when the Cardinals shocked the world to win the eleventh World Series championship in franchise history.  I’m sure the fans wouldn’t mind No. 12 this year.  Hopefully no one will be paying attention so the Cardinals can just do their thing.

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