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Rams team with St. Patrick Center to sack homelessness

St. Louis Rams press release

ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis Rams and St. Patrick Center today announced that they will expand their partnership to include a program throughout the NFL season called “Sack Homelessness.” The goal of Sack Homelessness is to raise needed resources to operate St. Patrick Center housing, employment and health programs for individuals and families who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

As part of Sack Homelessness, Rams players and personnel, in addition to St. Patrick Center supporters throughout the St. Louis region will make a donation each time the Rams sack an opposing team’s quarterback. Each player, personnel or participant will make an individual pledge. A portion of the proceeds from this initiative will help renovate St. Patrick Center’s Child Center that provides care and activities for children during the day while their parents are enrolled in St. Patrick Center’s housing, employment and health programs.

“We are looking forward to the on field success of the defensive line translating to money and awareness generated for St. Patrick Center, one of St. Louis’ great non-profits,” said Molly Higgins, vice president of corporate communications/civic affairs, St. Louis Rams. “The defensive line, Coach McGinnis and Coach Waufle saw the impact that this program could make on the community and embraced the opportunity to assist people in need. It’s a tremendous testament to the character of our coaching staff and players in our locker room.”

The Rams and St. Patrick Center have worked together to help people who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless since the team moved to St. Louis in 1995. Sack Homelessness made its debut in 1997 and raised more than $100,000 per season that went directly to St. Patrick Center initiatives.

“When the Rams’ defensive line records a sack, they lift up a St. Patrick Center family,” said Tom Etling, chief executive officer, St. Patrick Center. “We’re very grateful for our continuing partnership with the St. Louis Rams staff and players as they help our clients build permanent, positive change in their lives.”

In addition to Sack Homelessness, the St. Louis Rams have been a longtime supporter of St. Patrick Center, donating money, in-kind items, volunteers and more to the agency.

“We were honored to have the St. Louis debut of Rams coach Jeff Fisher at our World’s Greatest Sports Trivia Championship in February and Cortland Finnegan at our Irish Open dinner auction in June,” Etling added. “The Rams are amazing advocates for people on our community who want an opportunity to improve their lives.”

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