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Police say pregnant mother confessed to killing two children

ANGLETON, Texas—Angleton police say that a mother has admitted to killing two of her children and is now pregnant with another.

Investigators say Kristi-An Walker had three children by the age of 20 and two of them are now dead.

"If you don’t want the kids, at least put them up for adoption," neighbor Corinn Allan said.

Allan lives across the street from the home Walker once shared with her boyfriend. It was there, police say, that he allegedly called 911 in July when he noticed her six-month old son was not moving.

An autopsy later revealed the child had died from severe head trauma.

Investigators say the case shed new light on the 2011 death of Walker’s four-month old son. She lived in Freeport when he died.

The coroner found the cause of death to be undetermined, and the case had been closed.

But now, Walker has allegedly confessed to beating both babies by banging them against furniture and walls.

"She said she just couldn’t deal with it," Sgt. Kirk Coleman with the Angleton Police Department said. "She said she did this on both kids because they were crying and it frustrated her."

A neighbor in Angleton told KHOU 11 News that Walker had been a good parent who spent time outdoors with her children.

"She always said how much she loved her kids," neighbor Coarissa Murray said. "I had never seen her yelling at her kids."

Walker now faces one count of murder and two felony counts of injury to a child.

Police say she is also one-month pregnant. Her oldest son is three-years old and in CPS custody.

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