Little League football coach arrested after levelling boy at game -

Little League football coach arrested after levelling boy at game

The little league game took place on Saturday afternoon in Utah, and the incident was caught on video: A 13-year-old boy is seen running with the ball and suddenly gets leveled.

But the hit didn’t come from another player; it was reportedly a coach on the opposite team.

Police said that grown man was 38-year-old Nathan Harris.

Harris was arrested and accused of hitting the star running back to keep him from scoring a touchdown.

”He actually stepped in, folded his arms and went up under his chin and flattened him,” said the victim’s mother.

It was a tied game and coming to the end of the third quarter when the running back suddenly broke free.

The hit not only knocked him to the ground, but it knocked him out and gave him a concussion, his mother said.

The boy is considered one of the best players around, with 18 touchdowns this year. Now, he’s out for the remainder of the season.

”I cannot see in any way how this video shows how there was time to even make a decision,” Harris’ lawyer said. “Boy runs towards him. He’s being pursued by the other team. In that instance, the boy crosses the line and my client puts his arms up. And, that’s all you can see on the tape.”

Harris was booked on a child abuse charge and is out of jail on bond. 

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