McCaskill campaign answers questions over $40 million in federal -

McCaskill campaign answers questions over $40 million in federal funding

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By Kaitlin Riordan By Kaitlin Riordan

( -- More sparks are flying in the Missouri Senate race as Senator Claire McCaskill faces questions about her husband receiving tens of millions of dollars in federal subsidies.

News 4 has been looking into the story and reached out to both campaigns.

While Akin’s campaign didn’t seem to want to talk about it, McCaskill’s campaign came back quickly to answer where the $40 million came from and where it went.

‘This is another baseless unfounded attack by congressman akin,” said McCaskill spokeswoman Caitlin Legacki.

But the story actually came from an Associated Press investigation into federal money that went to McCaskill’s husband.

Reportedly he collected $40 million for low income housing developments that he owns—money that supplements rent for poor families.

If actions speak louder than words then Akin’s campaign said it all, by jumping on the report on Akin’s twitter page, and using it against McCaskill.

McCaskill’s campaign is quick to point out the money went straight into a regulated property account used to improve the low income housing and didn’t benefit her family. But did it improve the value of the properties?

“The bottom line is these were pre-existing contracts, many of which were in place before Claire was even elected to the senate and by funding these contracts the government was legally required to fulfill those obligations,” said Legacki.

McCaskill’s campaign also fired back saying Akin has voted seven times for congressional pay raises.

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