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Raw sewage in Metro East neighborhood cleaned up after sitting for 3 days

Centrville, Il (KMOV.com) -- After three days, raw sewage that contaminated a Metro East neighborhood is finally getting cleaned up.

News 4 went back to find out why the clean up took so long, and find out what shape the neighborhood is in after learning the water had been drained and the sewer company promised to clean up the stinky mud.

There’s still a strong foul odor in the neighborhood and the situation is far from ideal. There’s still a lot of contaminated mud but it’s much better than it was.

Most of the unhealthy, foul-smelling water that had been sitting in puddles and all along the curb since last Friday’s rain is gone.

It bubbled up from a manhole because the sewer line got clogged during the storm, causing a backup.

After News 4 paid a visit to find out why nothing had been done for three days, a Centreville street crew was out first thing in the morning.

Among residents’ biggest concerns was the threat to children if they were exposed to the raw sewage.

“They could have caught typhoid fever or something,” said resident Alfred Brown. “It’s a relief, because now they get to come outside and play.”

The sewer service provider for the neighborhood is Commonfields of Cahokia and because this has been an ongoing problem, News 4 will keep an eye on the situation.

The next time it rains we’re going to check to make sure the sewer system and drain work properly and that the residents get the city services they deserve.


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