Bama expects the Zou to be wild -

Bama expects the Zou to be wild

(Missouri Football App) --  The Alabama Crimson Tide are planning on a noisy welcome to Faurot Field on Saturday.

"We try to do a good job of preparing for an away game because we know that it is going to be loud. The fact that we have a lot of players that have experience with away games in the past means that we can always make adjustments. But again, you don’t know what they are going to bring and it is best to always be prepared,” says offensive lineman Chance Warmack.

Wide receiver Kevin Norwood says a loud crowd can make things tough for the visiting team.

“It does at times, but that is why we work on it during the week so we can communicate from the center to the quarterback to the outside receiver to the inside receiver.”

Linebacker C. J. Mosley says he is looking forward to the Zou.

“It is going to be a great experience. As a leader and one of the veterans on the team, I just need to make sure that everybody is prepared and treats this game just like any other SEC game.”

“It is tougher on the offense. When their offense is on the field the crowd isn’t as loud so you can actually communicate better without having to scream and yell,” said Mosley.

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