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What Alabama is saying about Missouri

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(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) By Rob Carr (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images) By Rob Carr

Head Coach Nick Saban:

 “This is an important game to us. It’s an SEC game. We are playing in a place where no one in our team meeting today has ever been before, including me. We are playing a new opponent that, in my mind, is a very challenging opponent for a lot of reasons. They are a very good defensive team. They are ranked nationally in most categories. Defensively, they are physical, tough and aggressive. They create a lot of negative plays for the offense.”

"Offensively, this is probably one of the most challenging offenses philosophically in terms of being no huddle, a lot of different formations, a lot of motions and adjustments for the defense to make. They are very well coached. They’ve had some problems and issues this year with some very good players being injured. Regardless of those circumstances and situations, I think they have some very good players who are filling in and are very capable. Our team needs to be ready to play their best against what I would say is a very good football team."

Chance Warmack, Offensive Line:

“I got to see a little bit of the game just because we are playing them this week. They are a really physical defense with some smart players.”

“We just need to execute the small things. We didn’t really do a good job the week before of just executing like we should have, and I think that is going to be the main factor in this game coming up. We just need to stay more physical and execute on the small things.”

Kevin Norwood, Wide Receiver:

“We just know that they are a zone team and that they will come down and press us, especially on the receivers. They are physical, and we know that they are going to come out hard playing with us.”

“They move around a lot and that is something that we need to get used to, and something that we need to watch film on to see where they are at.”

“Mainly it is about us. As an offense, if we get the ball first we just have to come out and strike hard. We need to keep striking until they quit. As an offense we have to move the ball. We have to give our defense a chance to rest.”

C.J. Mosley, Linebacker:

“What we already know is that they are a fast-paced offense. They are a spray team. They are going to be in some empties and different kinds of shifts and motions. As a whole, just like any other team, we need to stop the run first and defend the past second.”


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