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Mizzou has winning record against Alabama

(Missouri Football App) -- The sample size may not be the greatest, but the record is the record and the best Alabama can hope to do on Saturday is tie up their series history against the Tigers.

In three previous meetings the Tigers have beat the Crimson Tide twice.  Never mind that the two teams have not played since 1978 when Alabama won 38-20.

The first meetings between the teams came in the 1968 Gator Bowl.  We are sure you remember that game and how Dan Devine's Tigers pounced on the Tide for a 35-10 win.  Mizzou had 402 yards rushing that game and sacked the Alabama quarterbacks 12 times!

Legendary coach Bear Bryant said they were "horsewhipped" by Mizzou and that, "We did not expect anyone to run down the field on us like they did, like they were playing a barber college."

Great quote, eh?  Get this, Bryant said the Tigers, "Toyed with us like children."

That game was the worst beating Alabama had taken under Bryant up to that point and it knocked the Tide out of the top ten for the first time in a decade.

Chances are we will not see the Tigers racking up 400+ yards on the ground Saturday, but the second meeting between the two teams could serve as an inspiration that miracles can happen.

In that game Mizzou coach Al Onofrio upset the number two ranked Alabama 20-7 at Alabama.  The Tigers were three touchdown underdogs going in, but smacked the Tide around with by dominating the first half. 

The Tigers scored on four of their first five possessions to take a 20-0 lead at the first intermission.  The Mizzou defense held Alabama to just 31 yards rushing on 34 carries.

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