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Elderly woman loses late husbands wedding ring in purse snatching

HOUSTON—A Houston woman is accused of snatching purses from at least 17 women, but police said Tamia Moss took something priceless from her most recent victim.

The 84-year-old victim said she believes Moss was stalking her in the parking lot of the Food Town on Airline in North Houston. Dorothy Wind said she saw Moss parked outside when she was walking into the grocery store.

Wind didn’t think much of it when she came back to her truck. She put her purse on the front passenger seat and her groceries in the back seat.

Moments later, she said she saw a woman approaching on the other side of her truck. Wind said it felt like slow motion as the woman’s hand reached into her passenger side door.

“So I start screaming, help, help, help, she stole my purse,” explained Wind. “I wanted my purse back. I’ve worked hard all my life. When someone steals something from me, I’m very upset.

Wind said she was well aware that the criminal was much younger and stronger. Still, she wanted to fight back.

“My thought was to run in front of her vehicle. She was parked next to me motor running,” Wind recalled.

The car drove away before Wind could do anything. Moss is suspected of taking off with Wind’s credit cards, about $200 in cash and a keepsake that can’t be replaced: her late husband’s wedding ring.

“It’s something that, unless it’s found, I can’t get it back,” said Wind.

Wind said she kept the ring in her purse so she could look at it often to remember her husband of nearly 64 years. He died earlier this year.

“I sure would like to know where the ring went, and I would like to get it back,” said Wind.

According to investigators, Moss was spotted on surveillance cameras later that day using Wind’s credit cards at several stores and an ATM machine.

Police said Moss is no stranger to committing crimes.  She has a rap sheet that includes prior convictions on charges of credit-card abuse, forgery and assault of a public servant.

Moss remained at large Monday. Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact Houston Police.


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