Third Badly Injured Swan Taken in by Sanctuary -

Third Badly Injured Swan Taken in by Sanctuary

Just over a week ago, two swans (shot by hunters in Lincoln County) were taken in by the World Bird Sanctuary in Valley Park, MO.  They're recovering well today.  

See the story that aired December 14th here:

However, a third badly injured swan was brought in this morning - missing a foot.  The executive director of the sanctuary says it's highly unusual to see this many swans in such a short period of time.  It's still unclear if the swan was shot or if the foot was lost in a trap.

A farmer in St. Genevieve found the bird on his land.  The bird was trying to eat feed that was meant for other animals.  The farmer noticed the injury and contacted the bird sanctuary.

The swan will undergo surgery after Christmas to repair the stump as much as possible.

The sanctuary does not use tax dollars for this work and relies on donations.

Contact the sanctuary here:

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