Former food pantry volunteer charged with burglarizing food pantry -

Former food pantry volunteer charged with burglarizing food pantry

The Loaves and Fish Food Pantry in St. Charles is about to host a Christmas party for a couple hundred needy families.  It's at 7pm.  But it almost hit a major snag.

Police say Tuesday night around 7pm, 65-year old Donald Patterson allegedly broke in and was stealing meat and presents that had been unwrapped..  A witness called police.  Cops say they caught him in the act and arrested him on the scene.

How did he get in?... With a key. 

Debbie Push, the executive director of the pantry says she let Patterson go about six months ago.  She says he wasn't following procedure.  She said she asked for his key but he said he didn't have it anymore.  Debbie said she hadn't seen or heard from him since.

Debbie told me, "When the officer said the name, I was like, what?  I can't believe he made his way back to the building and it kinda brought me to tears right away."

Debbie says this time of year is stressful enough trying to meet the needs of the needy.  The near theft of food and presents is taking a toll on her but she is thankful she's still able to get meals and gifts to everyone who shows up tonight.

Patterson's charged with burglary and is being held on a a$10,000 bond.


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